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Impact Stories

Through an extensive discovery process and patient journey mapping, BusinessWhys illuminated innovative solutions to address operational and cultural challenges faced by a youth advocacy nonprofit’s emerging behavioral health division.

A healthcare company struggling with waning employee engagement and satisfaction corrected course by investing in best-in-class leadership and management training.  

From checking a compliance box to stellar organizational governance

By shifting its mindset and adopting compliance best practices, a healthcare organization moved from firefighting and box-checking to exceptional organizational governance. 

Improving company culture through the creation of an innovative new employee orientation for nurses 

A behavioral healthcare company streamlined employee onboarding, improved employee engagement, and elevated patient care standards by designing and implementing a best-in-class New Employee Orientation for Nurses (NEO). 

Discovery informs a strategic roadmap and transformational change 

By engaging in an extensive discovery process, a healthcare organization uncovered the root causes of its employee retention and cultural erosion challenges.

Scaling a business for growth

Through a collaborative partnership with BusinessWhys, a data analytics consulting firm developed and designed the product construct and operational infrastructure to support a new, scalable, consistent, and predictable managed services value delivery model. 

By engaging BusinessWhys to complete an animal journey mapping exercise, a large, non-profit animal shelter uncovered addressable gaps and opportunities in the people, process and technology of their operations. 

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