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Leadership and management training positively transforms employee engagement 

A healthcare company struggling with waning employee engagement and satisfaction corrected course by investing in best-in-class leadership and management training.  


A healthcare organization looking to improve company culture and reduce costs wanted to address the following:  

  • Employee retention challenges, including high turnover of staff across the organization 

  • Internal employee satisfaction/engagement survey results not meeting goals/expectations 

  • Absence of common, identifiable organizational culture being cultivated across the organization 

  • Inconsistent patient care standards


BusinessWhys worked with company leaders to design and implement a best-in-class leadership and management training program rooted in their core values to empower leaders to motivate, develop, and retain their employees. 

To develop the program, the BW consultants did the following: 

Evaluated the organization's structure and reviewed relevant job descriptions

Interviewed employees with direct supervisory responsibilities 

Met with HR leaders to assess company-wide practices and programs relating to organization structure, performance management, employee training and development practices, and workforce excellence programs 

Analyzing all interview feedback and research findings to identify gaps, trends, inconsistencies, and opportunities for improvement 

Developed a comprehensive plan to consistently prepare, grow, and develop the company’s leaders, which included: 

  • Increased accountability through expectation and goal setting, timelines, and deliverables 

  • 3rd party employee engagement surveys for more accurate and benchmarked feedback 

  • Increased cross-team collaboration and structured company-wide communication 

  • Standardized and effective performance management practices 

  • Organization-wide reward and recognition programs 

During the project, BusinessWhys: