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Improving company culture through the creation of an innovative new employee orientation for nurses 

A behavioral healthcare company streamlined employee onboarding, improved employee engagement, and elevated patient care standards by designing and implementing a best-in-class New Employee Orientation for Nurses (NEO). 


A behavioral healthcare organization focused on providing substance use disorder treatment and support wanted to address the following: 

  • Poor retention among new hires 

  • Inconsistent patient care across its campuses 

  • Nursing staff concerns around safety and risk to their licensure 

  • Billing errors resulting in reduced revenue 


To ensure stakeholder engagement, BusinessWhys formed a Tiger Team of nurse leaders and strong performers from across the organization who served as subject matter experts and project champions. BusinessWhys guided the Tiger Team through the development and roll-out of a NEO/Training framework and curriculum covering all relevant policies, EHR interactions, processes, and skill competency checklists that: 

  • Aligned with the client's patient journey 

  • Trained through a practical, hands-on approach 

  • Leveraged multimedia, including video, instructor-led presentations, roleplaying, and interactive discussions 

The New Employee Orientation for Nurses provided:

Alignment of standards and consistency in patient care across all campuses 

Accountability, including clear role expectations and processes defined to validate compliance 

On-going support for team members, including a comprehensive video reference library

Culture building

During the project, BusinessWhys: 

The Impact

Through its collaboration and partnership with the organization's Tiger Team, BusinessWhys delivered an integrated training/orientation curriculum for nursing staff that sets clear job expectations and provides necessary resources, and in the process, nurtures a corporate culture in which patients come first, standards are high, and employees feel supported.