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From checking a compliance box to stellar organizational governance

By shifting its mindset and adopting compliance best practices, a healthcare organization moved from firefighting and box-checking to exceptional organizational governance. 


With a Joint Commission audit looming, a leading substance use disorder treatment center sought support from BusinessWhys for a comprehensive assessment of its compliance posture. Previously, they had tried to address compliance gaps and issues like firefighters, quickly jumping to action as issues arose; new leadership wanted a more predictable and practical approach. 


After uncovering significant gaps and opportunities for improvement within their compliance practice, BusinessWhys partnered with the client to implement a compliance practice to make audits easier and reduce business risk while elevating standards across the organization. 


First, BusinessWhys completed a comprehensive gap assessment, which answered key questions relating to the organization's policy management practices, policy framework, and policy documentation standards. Next, the Governance Gap Assessment findings were presented to project stakeholders. Finally, BusinessWhys partnered with the client to implement its Continuous Compliance Model, shaping ongoing compliance processes, and weaving higher standards into the fabric of the organization. 

Within six months of engagement, BusinessWhys:

Established a Policy Approval Board (PAB) 

Increased average policy acknowledgment to than 80% within two weeks of policy publication (300% increase) 

Replaced or edited nearly 75% of all policies

Retired 100% of redundant and irrelevant policies  

Reduced the overall number of policies by more than 25% 

Clarified and elevated standards across the organization 

During the project, BusinessWhys: