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Discovery informs a strategic roadmap 

By engaging in an extensive discovery process, a healthcare organization uncovered the root causes of its employee retention and cultural erosion challenges and developed a roadmap for transformational change. 



Following the pandemic, a multi-location Arizona-based behavioral health organization faced nursing shortages and an increased need for agency-based staffing. The reliance on agency staffing eroded organizational culture, depressed employee engagement, and created inconsistencies in patient care and standards. 


Because the organization needed to clearly understand the root cause of their employee retention and culture erosion issues, the BusinessWhys team embarked on a discovery process encompassing all departments and personnel at all levels of the organization.   

During the project, BusinessWhys: 

Mapped the "patient journey”

Interviewed individuals throughout the organization

Participated in "ride-along" and observational visits

Reviewed existing documentation

Documented, analyzed, and validated findings 

Proposed a strategic balanced scorecard for prioritization 

Presented Strategic Roadmap to Success to stakeholders, including executive leadership and the Board of Directors 

During the project, BusinessWhys: